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S-Trend is committed to environmental and social sustainability in the communities and regions in which we operate. Concern for the community and environment are integral to the management of the company. and we aim to create positive impacts in three ways:
- Environment
- Community
- Client



  1. To comply with, and where practicable exceed the expectations of, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice;

  2. To integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions;

  3. To ensure that all staff are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementation and continuous improvement;

  4. To maximise the sustainability of all business and related activities;

  5. To positively support the communities in which we operate;

  6. To educate our clients and customers of our Sustainability Policy, and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.


S-Trend understands and values the importance of our obligation and responsibility to the environment. We aim to integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our operations including waste management, recycling, product packaging and the reduction of carbon footprint.

Practical Steps and Examples:

  1. Reduction of paper trail

  2. Our innovative order processing, approvals and invoicing and payment system is not only convenient for our clients, it is also entirely paperless. This allows us to minimize paper usage as well as minimize environmental impacts through the reduction of energy consumption used in printing.

  3. Clean production

  4. Our wholly-owned production facility is committed to clean production and emits zero gases and/or combustion during the manufacturing process and we make green conscious decisions about our processes and materials.. We have specifically chosen sublimation over screen-printing for its superior quality and its environmental benefits - unlike traditional screen-printing, the sublimation process is waste water free. We have invested on state-of-the-art sublimation technology to ensure the quality of our products and the preservation of our environment.

Fabric technology

  1. All knitted fabrics used by S-Trend have permanent moisture wicking functions integrated in the fibres compared to common post-production chemical treatments used in the industry, which have the potential to adversely impact the environment during their manufacture, use and disposal.

  2. All S-Trend fabrics are designed and developed with quick-drying function, non-iron, anti-odour and anti-microbial functions to minimise the environmental impact during laundering.

Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is used in our Melbourne finance office to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for energy generation

  2. Environmentally-friendly packaging

  3. We use bio-degradable garment packaging. A sample of this has been provided


Waste recycling

  1. Recycling and re-using waste is practiced across all business departments and at all locations. In production, paper patterns and sublimation paper are recycled after use and trimmed fabrics are recycled or reused as appropriate. In our offices, waste is also categorized and recycled.


Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  1. Energy saving bulbs can use less than 75 percent less electricity, last longer and produce 75 percent less heat than conventional bulbs over their lifetime. Energy saving bulbs are used across our business as a part of our sustainability agenda.


As an apparel company, we operate in and have excellent partnerships with the community. Our company-wide commitment is to support the communities in which we operate through positive contributions.

Practical Steps and Examples:

Community Partnerships

We have developed strong community partnerships with numerous grassroots sporting clubs to share the socio-economic benefits from our operations. For example, in 2012, the Southern Dragons Football Club and raised close to $2000.00AUD for their small suburban club through our Community Partnership Initiative. This money is supporting the club’s development and members’ safety, including the purchase of a Defibrillator and associated training gear.

Sponsored Athletes
S-Trend recognizes the difficulties and challenges faced by emerging athletes who are often funding their own sporting aspirations. Our Sponsored Athletes program has been growing strongly since 2011 and we now have over 20 S-Trend sponsored emerging athletes across various sports. Our support goes towards the cost of uniforms, travelling, tournament fees and training expenses as our athletes pursue excellence in their chosen sport.

University Sport
We have identified university as where numerous emerging athletes develop and explore their potential. S-Trend has supported various university sporting clubs who help these athletes fulfill their potential including Melbourne University Touch Football Club.

Sponsorships and Donations
S-Trend is committed to fostering sustainable development for both the communities we operate within and for our business. We aim to help the sporting community grow and have established long-term financial sponsorship activities in the areas of Touch Football, Australian Rules Football, Indoor Bowls and Squash.


S-Trend respects the environment and we understand many of our clients share this value with us. For this reason, our clients are encouraged to select environmentally-friendly options when ordering custom apparel with us. We have developed fabrics and packaging solutions available to clients with this aim in mind.

Practical Steps and Examples:

1. Fabrics with Bamboo Charcoal Fibers
2. We have developed a line of X-Carbon fabrics which consist of bamboo charcoal fibers, providing clients with an option to select a fabric with eco-friendly and renewable resource content. As Bamboo grows rapidly and requires only 1/3 of the water that cotton uses, it is a more renewable resource. Combined with its soft hand touch, and excellent moisture management properties, X-Carbon is not only green, but is also an excellent functional sports fabric.
3. Reusable packaging
4. Re-usable non-woven shopping bags is a available to clients looking for green packaging for their apparel. Instead of packaging each garment with a plastic or bio-degradable polybag, non-woven shopping bags can be re-used for work, study or shopping.