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STR is an Australian owned custom school sportswear specialist.

Outplay the competition in uniforms designed to cut through the rigors of sport.


For more than two decades, we have been leading the charge to innovate custom school sportswear. Our Global Production Centre creates cutting-edge kits across every code, while our local support team, creative studio and online systems make the design and ordering process simple.


We have spent more than 20 years testing and refining our apparel, and it all gets made for you in a quick four-week turnaround.


We strive to create uniforms that represent the heartbeat of your school.


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They say we are unique in several ways:


  1. STR has an industry leading online ordering platform and e-stores that saves you time, human resource and money;

  2. We have a wholly owned production facility that gives us full control of your order timeline;

  3. Our four-week production turnaround on uniform orders is second to none;

  4. We have ethically sourced material using sustainable and recycled products;

  5. We are a one stop shop for all your sports apparel including: PE, School Sport, Leavers and Staff Uniforms;

  6. Our comprehensive design capabilities include full school uniform re-design and standalone bespoke design projects.


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Creativity is part of our DNA.

Designing a uniform range that proudly represents a School’s identity is a key focus for STR.


We understand that students and athletes alike perform

better when they look good and feel good. Ask us about our Brand Discovery Workshop to uncover
the heartbeat of your School.

Our comprehensive design capability includes full school uniform re-design and standalone garment design.

Design Capabilities

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Industry Leading online store solution to minimise administration tim.

Streamline your school sport uniform processes with our tailored e-store solutions.


Restrict access to your students only and have orders

delivered to family homes or to the School for Click-and- Collect.

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