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About Us

S-Trend is all about quality custom sportswear – quality performance fabrics and seriously stylish designs created to order in 4 weeks with passion & two decades of experience.

We supply hundreds of schools, university teams, amateur and professional sports clubs and organisations who want more than just a middleman. We know sportswear from top to bottom, from manufacturing to sales and marketing, see what partners we have got and what projects we have made, so let us bring our below listed strengths within your reach.

Our Strengths

1. Our experience

2. Wholly owned facilities

3. Performance fabrics

4. Style range

5. Customer-first service

6. Online store service

Our experience

We supply hundreds of schools and university teams, amateur and professional sports clubs, and organisations of all kinds.

We have been manufacturing superior quality garments under our own production facilities for more than 20 years, and have been specialising in sportswear for the past decade.

Over past decade, our manufacturing facilities have successfully managed major projects through partner sales companies for the Australian Special Olympics, the Australian Institute of Sport, the Victorian Institute of Sport and Australia Davis/Federal Cup Tennis.

Our own sales arm has recently been involved in major projects with AFL Europe, AFL Multicultural Program, AFL Indigenous program, Allam British Squash Open and major rebranding projects for Deakin University Student Association and Hornets Touch Association.

You need a supplier who is more than just a middleman. We know the sportswear industry from top to bottom, from manufacture to sales and marketing. Let us put that knowledge and experience in your hands.

Wholly owned facilities

We wholly own and manage our sportswear production facilities which encompass over 3000 square meters. We have fully staffed pattern, design, embroidery, digital printing, Cut & Sew, quality control, and shipment departments. Our highly specialised manufacturing facility has the ability to take on orders of any size, from a limited run of samples to outfitting a large team for a whole season.

We have a proven track record of maintaining quality and colour control for long term projects over 5 years and encompassing more than 50,000 units in more than 40 customized styles.

We take pride in our in-house production facilities and have a commitment to rigorous quality controls and continuous improvement. This is allows us to guarantee superior quality and industry leading delivery times.

Performance fabrics

Our colour consistency is one of the highest in the custom sportswear industry.

We understand the importance of colour consistency to keep your sportswear colour the same with every order now and in the future. You shouldn’t put up with colour variations year on year and this is why we have developed internal QC standards to maintain colour variation to levels below Delta-E of 0.8%.

Our fabrics also have superior colour fast rating which minimises colour fading and bleeding. This means you have the freedom to select any colour combination to create your designs with certainty that if you follow care instructions there will not be bleeding stains after laundering.

We have developed different range of performance fabrics to meet different sport special requirement, we also set up our internal fabric usage standards to guide our client to select the right type of fabric which we have integrated onto our interactive DYO app.

To guarantee 4 week delivery to anywhere in the world from the time of order confirmation . We maintain a wide range performance fabrics and colours as below

Woven Knitted
Microfibre with Dupont Teflon protectant 38 colours Cooldry Mesh (light and heavy duty options available) 26 colours
Anti-static Microfibre 38 colours Cooldry Mesh (light and heavy duty options available) 26 colours
Dintex Microfibre 38 colours HyTech Silver with nano-silver technology 4 colours
Nylon (450mm water pressure resistance) 28 colours
Textured Nylons (1300mm water pressure resistance) 11 colours
Water Resistant Nylon Spinnaker 6 colours
Soft Shell with Dintex waterproofing Black
Oxford Black, Navy, Ink, White
Mesh, cotton flannelette and taffeta linings Various

Woven & Knitted
Microfibre with Dupont Teflon protectant
Anti-static Microfibre
Dintex Microfiber
Soft Shell with Dintex waterproofing
Cooldry Mesh (polyester and cotton back options available)
HyTech Silver with nano-silver technology
XC-Endura with bamboo charcoal technology (heavy-weight)
X-Carbon Elite with bamboo charcoal technology (light-weight)
Ventmax mesh
Mesh, cotton flannelette and taffeta linings
Polar, low pill, tropical and regular fleeces

Yarn Dyed
220GSM soft yarn
370GSM soft yarn

Need something else? Our Fabrics Technology Department are also able to work with clients to develop the perfect fabric in the rare event your needs cannot be met by the extensive list of fabrics currently stocked.

Our fabric and colour sample books are available to purchase.

Style range

We are already tooled up to produce several hundred standard patterns, each in a variety of sizes and styles. Each style can be easily customised to suit your needs whether it is fabric type, colour or trimmings.

Our DYO design tool offers a glimpse into the options available, which include (but is not limited to):
• Jackets
• Polo’s
• Trousers / Pants
• Coats
• Hooded sweatshirts (hoodies)
• Shorts
• Rugby’s
• Singlet’s
• Skirts
• Tops
• Tees
• Vests
• Fleece pants
• Cricket
• Touch
• Athletics
• Rugby
• Basketball
Available in 65 different colours and unlimited combinations.

With our decades of experience and extensive manufacturing technologies, we have the ability to meet your custom sportswear requirements no matter the request.

Our core business is the manufacturing of custom sportswear. Whether you are looking to set up a new style or pattern specification or want to use one of our many patterns and styles we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Customer-first service

We deliver the best service in the custom sportswear industry. You will enjoy being regularly updated through our innovative online tools and rest assured knowing exactly how your order has progressed every step of the way.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of approving artwork, pre-production sampling and bulk sampling from their internet-enabled device by accessing our innovative Online Approvals System. They also have access to 24/7 Online Order Tracking to monitor their order progress from receipt or order to delivery with DHL tracking report. Weekly production reports are also available to help clients with large orders to reduce admin time.

What does this mean? Put simply, you get what you order every time because you are in touch with the people who design, create and deliver your products every step of the way.

You will also have direct access to the S-Trend Manufacturing Service Team to have all your questions answered. No more communication bottle necks!

Online store service

We understand administration takes time so we have designed and developed a unique Online Store system to help you manage your sportswear needs at no cost and implement a merchandise program with no financial risk. This interactive system allows you to set up your own online shop to easily place and receive orders within our standard 4 week delivery time, so you can spend your time doing the things you love!

How it works: Your Online Store will display agreed merchandise styles available for individuals to view and purchase instantly online. Periodically, as agreed, we will collate all purchases for production and delivery. What’s more is we will forward an agreed percentage return to your club because we love to give back to grassroots sport.

Unlike a lot of other online stores which only sell ready-made off-the-shelf sportswear, your online store will be created for you exclusively, backed by our state-of-the-art production capabilities. When we say custom we mean custom!

Taking advantage of this service is easy:
1. Get in touch with us;
2. We’ll help you select and design the styles you require;
3. We’ll help you set up the online store;
4. Start selling!

Restricted Online Store Unrestricted Online Store
• Available for use by designated Store Manager to manage as per your club’s needs;
• Check and track existing styles;
• Place repeat orders with no minimum quantity;
• Add new styles and items.
• Available for use by the public and ready for individual orders with credit card payment capability;
• Functions as per the Restricted Online Store;
• The designated Store Manager will maintain all functions of the repeat ordering system.
We are also happy to embed the Online Store into your existing website and provide you with online payment capabilities and the ability to accept credit card payments for individual orders.