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Each and every day, our aim is to create sportswear that enhances comfort, movement and Performance. S-Trend uses only high quality, state of the art fabrics in our garments. We are always collaborating with leading fabric mills, institutions and other partners to innovate new ways to improve our technology and provide professional quality fabrics and constructions for you.

S-Trend has a proud history of delivering innovative fabric technologies to grassroots athletes. We have recently launched our milestone contact sport fabric – XC Endura II – which features 10% reduction in weight whilst increasing fabric strength and resilience. It is constructed with bamboo charcoal for advanced moisture and odour management and incorporates 4 –way-stretch, allowing atheletes free-form movement in optimum comfort.

In addition, we launched Hytech Silver for the Victorian Institute of Sport. With its advanced moisture and anti-microbial properties achieved through nano-silver particles, this material suited the exacting requirements of the Institute’s athletes.

Below is a brief description on our main fabrics. This does not list all the fabrics we use across garments, but will describe the core fabrics that will make up your custom sportswear.

An S-Trend representative will suggest the most suitable fabric for your apparel dependant on your intended usage and functional requirements.


150gsm X-Carbon Elite
Constructed with nano-carbon technology; it has visible bamboo charcoal particles which provide ultimate moisture and odour management. This lightweight fabric is perfect for any non-contact sport. With bamboo charcoal, this fabric is also eco-friendly.

180gsm Hytech Silver
Hytech Silver offers superior moisture, odour and anti-microbial management function with nano-silver particles built in to its fibres. This material is slightly thicker than our Coolmesh and is suitable for the cooler months of the year.

165gsm 100% Polyester Coolmesh
Coolmesh is made using specialist Cooldry yarn with permanent moisture management function. Unlike fabrics that are merely surface-treated, our high filament yarn fabrics retain their moisture wicking function permanently. Coolmesh is our base-level fabric yet sets a very high standard in functional sports fabrics.


280gsm X-Carbon Endura II
Constructed with carbon technology; it has bamboo charcoal particles which provide ultimate moisture and odour management. It is a highly resilient fabric developed for contact sports. This fabric also features 4-way stretch to facilitate free form movement, flexibility and comfort. XC Endura II is able to be printed on both sides such that the garment is reversible. This is valuable for use at training where your team/club can be separated into visibly separate teams.

285gsm CoolDry Knit
Constructed with high filament yarn for permanent functionality this durable yet breathable material provides exceptional moisture wicking properties to help keep athletes cool and dry. It is rapid drying and has a smooth light finish developed specifically for contact sports.


Dintex Waterproof Microfibre
Dintex features a Dupont Teflon treated Microfibre surface combined with a film membrane inner layer. The membrane features provides full water-proof protection whilst allowing vapour evaporation to enhance breathability. Dintex jackets, coats and pants provide full rainproof functionality.

Dupont Teflon Microfibre
Microfibre treated with Dupont Teflon protection, providing water and stain resistance. Breathable, durable, safe and soft. Dupont Teflon Microfibre tracksuits provides showerproof functionality.

Low Pill Fleece
Low Pill fleece, as suggested by its name, features anti- pilling properties. This offers exceptional durability whilst providing excellent comfort and warmth.

Super Soft Fleece
Super soft fleece is a thicker fleece option designed for sweaters and hoodies. It offers more warmth and comfort than our low-pill fleece.